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Tutorial: Installation of RSSLogger
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Author:  Ave [ Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Tutorial: Installation of RSSLogger

Beta testing

RSSLogger is currently in beta test phase, meaning that some features are still being implemented and it most probably contains bugs.


If you decide to give it a try, go to http://rsslogger.mircstats.net/ and browse to the download link that can always be used to get the newest release ( http://rsslogger.mircstats.net/rsslogger.zip ).

Unzip the archive to some directory where you have write permissions, e.g. C:\RSSLogger. Note that RSSLogger creates logfiles in "Logs" sub-directory under the installation directory.

RSSLogger setup

Open the directory and run "rsslogger.exe". RSSLogger interface opens where you can create new logs and add RSS or Atom feeds to be logged. I suggest you start with log named "Test" and add some feeds to it. Press F1 to open the detailed help about this.

If you want to minimize RSSLogger into the system tray, go to "Settings" and check "When minimized, hide to system tray". On the same page you can also define RSSLogger to be automatically started when you log into your computer.

RSSLogger registration

RSSLogger uses bundle licensing with mIRCStats so if you have mIRCStats registration code generated after the 1st of January 2010, copy that license file to RSSLogger installation directory and re-run RSSLogger.

This unlocks all features for you:
  • Unlimited number of log files
  • Unlimited number of RSS or Atom feeds per logfile
  • Enable fast log update intervals
  • Send alerts for RSS or Atom feed contents to your email or IRC channel

You can register RSSLogger and mIRCStats at http://www.mircstats.net/register.html

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