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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:32 am 
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Tutorial for creating stats for any social networking and community sites, blogs and web forums
(Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Delicious, StumbleUpon, VKontakte, HeiaHeia, phpBB forums, vBulletin forums, ...)

Example stats pages generated with RSSLogger and mIRCStats:

mIRCStats and RSSLogger can be used to create stats for any sites that publish user activity through RSS or Atom feeds.

RSS feeds can be logged with RSSLogger and statistics can be created by analyzing these logfiles with mIRCStats. Entire logging and stats generation process can be fully automated.

To get started, follow these installation tutorials:

Here's info how you can find RSS feeds on some of the most popular social networking sites.

Google+ RSS feeds

You can get RSS feed for your Google+ profile's public posts with this service: http://gplusrss.com

Pinterest RSS feeds

Pinterest publishes RSS feeds for every user and pinboard.

User feed URL is: http://pinterest.com/USERNAME/feed.rss
Pinboard feed URL is: http://pinterest.com/USERNAME/PINBOARDNAME/rss

Foursquare RSS feeds

Foursquare publishes user activity through RSS feeds, get the URL here: https://foursquare.com/feeds/

Note: When adding Foursquare feeds to RSSLogger, use this custom logging format to log the names without extra text prefix (On "Log properties" page press "Clear log" and "Update log" to recreate the log with new formatting):
%author.remove("foursquare checkin history for ")% : %title%

See an example Foursquare stats here

(You can get "Top locations" section by defining a new Custom Stats section with search filter %item%)

Wordpress RSS feeds

You can get RSS feed for blog published through Wordpress, see the URLs here (under "Finding Your Feed URL") : http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Feeds

Blogger / Blogspot RSS feeds

You can get RSS feed for any Blogger blog, see the URLs here: http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/a ... swer=97933

Tumblr RSS feeds

Tumblr publishes user activity RSS feeds for all users, the URL is: http://USERNAME.tumblr.com/rss

Flickr RSS feeds

Flickr RSS feeds can be located at the bottom of any Flickr page, look for the RSS icon Image

For more info about available Flickr feeds see: http://www.flickr.com/services/feeds/

Delicious RSS feeds

Delicious publishes RSS feeds for all users, the feed URL format is:


StumbleUpon RSS feeds

StumbleUpon also publishes RSS feeds, the URLs are:

User's favorites RSS feed: http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/USERNAME/favorites
User's reviews RSS feed: http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/USERNAME/reviews
User's blog RSS feed: http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/USERNAME/blog

VKontakte RSS feeds

You can get VKontakte user feeds from this site: http://vkontakte-feed.appspot.com/

HeiaHeia RSS feeds

HeiaHeia publishes user's training activity as RSS feed which you can enable from Account -> Settings -> Sharing to other services -> [x] Publish RSS feed of my trainings at http://www.heiaheia.com/users/USER_ID/feed

phpBB forum RSS feeds

Any phpBB forum can publish posts and new topics as RSS feed when they are enabled in forum settings. To get the feed URL, just add "/feed.php" after the forum URL.

For example:
RSS feed for this forum is here: http://forum.mircstats.net/feed.php
RSS feed only for new topics is: http://forum.mircstats.net/feed.php?mode=topics

vBulletin forum RSS feeds

vBulletin forums publish posts as RSS feed. You'll get the RSS feed URL by adding "/external.php?type=RSS2" after the forum URL.

(To get also post replies in RSS feed, the syntax is: "/external.php?type=RSS2&lastpost=1")

How to locate RSS/Atom feed URL on other sites

  • Search for RSS icon Image or text "RSS" or "subscribe" on the page
  • Make a Google search for "<site name> RSS feed"
  • Open the page source code and search for <link> tag with type="application/rss+xml" or type="application/atom+xml"


Logging feeds with RSSLogger

When you have located feed(s) that you want to create stats for, create a new log into RSSLogger with "Create new log" button. Define a descriptive name (that's used in directory and log file names). New log appears in the list with "No feeds" status.

Double-click the log to open the Log Properties dialog. Here you can add any number of feeds that you want to be logged into this log. Press "Add Feed" button and copy&paste the feed URL to RSSLogger.

When you have added a feed (or multiple feeds), press "Update log" to do the first update. If your network connection is ok, RSSLogger reads the feed and updates the log title automatically and writes new lines to the log file.

Press "Open log" button to see if the feed was logged correctly. It should show something like this:

*** Version: RSSLogger v0.80 beta
*** Startdate: 31 Jan 2012 00:00:00
*** Name: Test
*** Title: Gizmodo
*** Link: http://gizmodo.com
*** Timezone: 2
[20 Mar 2012 16:40:00] Sam Biddle : The New Worst Place for QR Codes: Burqas [Image Cache]
[20 Mar 2012 16:53:45] Matt Rosoff - Business Insider : Rumor: MOG Has Been Acquired By HTC/Beats [Streaming Music]
[20 Mar 2012 17:00:00] Kyle Wagner : All Your Digital Comics Just Went HD [Comic Books]
[20 Mar 2012 17:20:00] Andrew Liszewski : Autonomous Robot Luggage Probably Isn't Airport Security-Approved [Video]

By default, "Title" is used as stats page title by mIRCStats. You can define the log title manually in Log Properties dialog -> Settings -> Log title.

You can change formatting options for each feed on "Log properties" page with "Show entry content" and "Show entry link" checkboxes. Press "Clear log" and "Update log" to recreate the log with new formatting).

Now close the "Log Properties" dialog and open the "Settings" tab in RSSLogger's main window. Here you can define RSSLogger to be started automatically when you log into Windows. It's also possible minimize it to system tray so it will update the logs on the background.

You can now leave RSSLogger running. It will update all defined logs in selected intervals.

Creating stats for the feed log with mIRCStats

Now run mIRCStats. First you need to tell mIRCStats which parser configuration it should use. Press "Change" button in main window or go to "Log Parser" settings page. Select parser configuration file "RSSLogger_parser.txt".

Now select the newly created logfile to be analyzed (at the top left in main window). Press file open dialog button and browse to your RSSLogger installation directory and to "Logs" directory under it. Continue browsing to the log directory and select the log file. mIRCStats now asks if it should define filter for multiple logfile selection with * in it. Click "Yes", because RSSLogger will log feeds into monthly files.

Press "Analyze log" and mIRCStats will first read the new logfile. If everything goes fine, it says something like this:

Parser configuration file RSSLogger_parser.txt loaded.
Analyzing log structure...
Gizmodo.log: 19 lines
   (mon 20.03.2012 16:40 - mon 21.03.2012 11:07)
Log spans 2 days.

Go to "HTML Output/Language" settings page and select language file "lang_RSSLogger_english.msl".

Now press "Make stats" button. (If this is your first time running mIRCStats, it will first ask your name or nickname to be displayed in the stats page). mIRCStats now generates the stats page and you can view it by right-clicking the output window and selecting "View stats page". Stats page should now open up in your browser.

Adjusting the settings

You can fine-tune mIRCStats settings by browsing the tree-view at the left side of the main window. You can apply the new settings to your stats page by re-running the stats (Clear -> Analyze log -> Make stats). Remember to press "Save config" after you have made changes to the settings.

You can also create a specific language file for your own purpose. Go to "Language" directory under your mIRCStats installation directory, copy "lang_RSSLogger_english.msl" to the new name and edit it with any text editor. After editing, remember to select your new language file on "HTML Output/Language" settings page. On the same page there's also a tool that you can use to check the validity of the language file.

Automatic FTP uploading and stats generation

See this tutorial for detailed info how you can automate your stats generation.

Detailed mIRCStats help on any feature can be accessed by pressing F1.

Have fun!

More tutorials

See the list of all RSSLogger & mIRCStats tutorials here: viewforum.php?f=11

- Ave

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